Learn Bridging

Learn the Bridging® technique

We have developed several training courses and delivery options to educate professionals and non-professionals on the Bridging technique.

Our approach to learning is very experiential — you learn the theory, observe the movements, practice the movements, experience the movements yourself, and then discuss the observed results.

However, it doesn’t just end there. You also get access to a community of Bridging professionals to continue your education, discuss new techniques and theories, and share success stories

Everyone begins the journey at the same point. Your destination is up to you!

“In my line of work, we go through training and education and you graduate and think you have all of the tools that you need to help someone. What I have found in practice though is that there are patients or situations were the tricks in my bag didn’t work. Bridging is the missing link.” 

Deb B.Physical Therapist and recent Bridging certification graduate

“The presentation was fun and created another level of trust.”

Kathy G.PhD (Bridging Regulation and Movement workshop)