Is your organization ready for forward thinking and innovative ways to enhance client/patient outcomes?

Want an analysis to determine how adopting the Bridging® technique can make a difference in the success of your care services?

An understanding of even just the basic Physics concepts can be game changing in evaluating strategies using your current techniques and tools.

We are ready to work with you to develop a customized Bridging® education plan for your organization. There are three levels of consulting services available—strategic planning, group training at our site, and onsite team training.

Level 1: Strategic Planning and Analysis

Review types of client challenges and analyze patient profiles to determine how the Bridging® Technique can help provide new solutions which are resource efficient.

Level 2: Staff Training

As part of the on-going workshop schedule your team attends with a mentored support plan to facilitate application of new skills to your setting. Each level of Bridging® movements and knowledge provides increasingly powerful ways to provide new results.  Patients who seem to have plateaued in treatment are most likely to benefit from the Bridging® perspective to understand why their past holds to clues to a solution.

Level 3: On-site Training

Similar to Level 2 training except the workshops will be dedicated to your team, your client base and level of care requirements. A mentored support plan is also included.

Call 847.390.8348 or email Cara to develop a plan to boost your organization’s effectiveness and provide what patients/clients describe as magic!