5 Reasons Your Micromovements Benefit from a Spring Tune-up

Is a Spring micromovement tune-up on your calendar?

It should be! Warm weather is finally here! Are you ready to do all the things you dreamed about all winter long — softball, soccer, lacrosse, biking, gardening, running, or a simple walk with friends? Or, is something holding you back?

Outdoor activity has so many benefits, and there IS a way to comfortably and confidently get back out!

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Movement is key

Health and Longevity? Physical Movement is Critical

But Does Your Body Move Right?

Welcome to 2023!!!

Thank you to the New York Times for this week’s timely article about exercise. The overall takeaway from the story is about staying active for health and well-being.

Bottom line — making time daily to move is a must do for health and longevity!

Looking at the article, which debates strength and cardio, I feel there is a more basic question to consider …

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Cara and Sara

Been Sick and Now Have Tight Shoulders or Neck Pains?

Flu and cold season is upon us! Once you get over the main virus what’s left behind may still be bugging you:

  • coughing
  • dripping nose
  • stiffness
  • rounded shoulders

Often a session or two of Bridging is helpful to restore the ease of your muscles working, and allow your to breath better.

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medical consultation

Cancer Journey? Yes, There Are So Many Aspects to This

Cancer treatment support is a personal topic for me. This month marks 20 years since my son was diagnosed with leukemia at age 6.

During his 3+ years of treatment he endured 2 surgeries, 38 lumbar punctures, countless IV’s and hospital stays. He was messed up from treatment, and because of treatment.

I found out first hand the importance of mentally and physically supporting him during and after the process.

The Bridging® support I was able to provide came in some years after his treatment and primarily addressed latent effects. He still has some concerns this many years later, but he is generally doing great! Read more

birthday party

Original? Delta? Omicron? Long? 😵

Omicron, Delta, or Original?

Almost sounds like drink orders at a bar, right?

But which version you contracted wasn’t really a choice. For those of us who got Covid, we pretty much ended up with the catch of the day.

I had Omicron. It wasn’t nothing, but it wasn’t terrible. And, thankfully, no lasting effects that I’m aware of.

However, for many of you, lingering issues from the virus are still a concern. Read more