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Restoring Inner Peace and Calm

The Fourth of July holiday turned out to be a time of chaos and tragedy in our community.

Our Northbrook office is a short distance from Highland Park, and we serve many families there. Our hearts are heavy with the sadness and loss. The most fundamental human need, that of safety and security, was rocked.

As a parent, you may have struggled with what to tell your children. You are also struggling with many emotions. Remember to find a way to support yourself too. Read more

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New Experiences … 😳 and 😁!

Sharing a peek behind the scenes …

A first experience in a new adventure

My experience with shooting the first episode of a new YouTube show reminded me of the feelings our clients have when they first come in.

  • Yes, I was nervous!
  • No, I didn’t really know what to expect.
  • Yes, I left pleasantly surprised and planning to come back again.

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20 years

It’s Been 20 Years!

Cara LindellI sat in my kitchen 20 years ago with a grand idea of helping women move better to stay healthier. So much has changed since then, although fundamentally so much is the same. Join me in some reminiscing!

Here are some of the highlights of The Bridging® Institute’s evolution:

  • The mission expanded to helping everyone, beginning at birth.
  • The focus on movement morphed into sensory-motor function which includes balance and self-regulation, a correlate to self-calming.
  • Your movement became understood to be a system of micromovements rooted in the earliest periods of child development. This is why we strongly focus on your past to solve the present challenges.
  • And, the optimal way to quickly reset impaired micromovements has proven to be the gentle rocking and stretches used in Bridging®. Indeed less is more!

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Asking For Your Help … to Spread the Word!

You and your family know first-hand how much Bridging® has helped —

  • put your pain in the past,
  • keep a parent vibrant with improved balance and mobility,
  • keep family peace with a calm and regulated child, or
  • catch your little one up with developmental milestones.

We are grateful for the opportunities to keep you and your family thriving and want to ask if you can share the word. The more people who know about Bridging®, the more people who can get help. Read more

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Walking for Calming? Yes!!!

The past 18 months have been stressful in ever-changing ways.

How have you managed to keep yourself pulled together mentally and emotionally?

I found myself walking or running outdoors. Everyday, and often 2-3 times a day.

Anytime I feel a little edgy or unfocused I throw on some shoes and head outside. 15 minutes is usually enough, but an hour can be amazing!

To learn that neuroscience research shows there is something to this correlation was AMAZING!

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March 19th: Changing to New Scheduling System

New, easier way to schedule ALL types of appointments

Why and when are we changing our scheduling tools?

As you are able to experience Bridging in more ways, we found different technology was needed to support easy and integrated scheduling, especially for virtual appointment access. Read more

The Story of Your Life:
Micromovements Tell It All!

Micromovements and the stories they reveal …

Your movements tell your story

One of the primary principles in the Bridging® Technique is to analyze a set of passive movements where we do the moving, not you.

These movements tell the story of how your body is actually getting you through the day. When we find a glitch, hitch, or skip, it is usually the source of your pain, weakness, and poor coordination. Read more

Bridging Technique

What is Bridging?

Bridge /ˈbrij/

noun: A time, place, or means of connection or transition.

You most commonly think of a bridge as, literally, the structure connecting two points.

In my electrical engineering coursework (way back when), a ‘bridge’ was a connection between circuits, or audio systems.

Most people think separately of the body’s structural and nervous (electrical) systems. In reality, the two are highly intertwined by movement. The intersection of the physical structural system and nervous system is at the heart of the Bridging Technique. Read more

Kinetic Konnections is Evolving!

Evolving to a new name and focused mission!

Kinetic Konnections is transforming into The Bridging Institute. After 15 years we’re growing into our next phase with a new name and more tightly focused mission — helping more people, in more ways.

Why? To sharpen our focus on what creates the magic — Bridging!  As we began working on ways to make Bridging more accessible for you with new services, it became clear that the multiple names being used might be confusing. Read more


Keeping Each Other Safe, Calm, and Moving!

Amidst rising Covid positivity rates and the usual flu season, here is a reminder of some of what we do each day to keep us all safe:

  • Information gathering the day before your appointment via our health and travel survey
  • Staggered schedules to minimize chances of encountering anyone else when you are coming or going
  • Staggered room usage allowing space to be cleaned, sanitized and ventilated for at least an hour between clients
  • Waiting in your car, or the lobby, and arriving at your appointment time

In this changing environment we actively monitor ILDPH guidelines and make changes as needed. Read more