Cara works on tennis player's knee

Knee Still Painful or Uncertain After ACL Repair?

ACL sprains and tears are among the most common types of knee injuries in the U.S., with more than a quarter million people injuring their anterior cruciate ligaments every year.

Most people have some surgery-related pain and discomfort for the first week or so. Not surprisingly, pain from knee surgery decreases with time. By the end of a week or two at the most, you should have very little discomfort.

Are you resigned to your lingering post-procedure pain? With Bridging, further change is possible! Read more

Post-surgical Recovery Incomplete? See How BridgingĀ® Helped this Hockey Player

ā€œAn estimated 12 million individuals between the ages of 5 and 22 years suffer a sport-related injury annually, which leads to 20 million lost days of school and approximately $33 billion in health care costs.ā€

Common Sports Injuries: Incidence and Average Charges | ASPE (

Post Surgery: Will I ever be back to normal?

This is a regular topic I write about because it seems to be so common. You had an injury, accident or medical procedure which required surgery.

For your recovery you:

  • Rested
  • Diligently did your therapy exercises
  • Wondered “When will I be back to normal?”

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working on hamstring

Runner’s Hamstring Has Him Sidelined. Why?

Runner hamstrung over hamstring issue

Our YouTube guest this week had a weird running injury which wasn’t getting better with rest and the usual stretching. The pain limited his ability to get through the day, to enjoy summer, and let off his work stress via exercise!

The best comment came after we finished and took off microphones. He exclaimed, “I can put my shoes on without pain!” The hamstring pain had truly impacted every little part of his daily life.

Take a look to see how we solved part of the mystery pain. Read more

Cara gets Bridging treatment

And Then Life Happens! Injured When Running

Keeping you active at every age to support your best physical, mental and cognitive health is our goal at The BridgingĀ® Institute.

You want to stay active, yet life can hand you challenge after challenge. Staying active is really about how we pick ourselves up and keep going when things in life happen. Often a little help is just what’s needed to get back on track.

An oops happened to me recently. Here’s more of the story … Read more

Cara works with a client

Old Knee Injury? See the Crazy Ways It Can Impact You

Wanting to stay active, but …

Sometimes you are doing your best to get into healthier habits yet your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Often we assign the sensations to being out of shape, needing to try harder, or being more consistent. Sometimes there is something basic, yet overlooked. Here’s an example.
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Long Term Back Pain Gone in Minutes. How?

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain impacts so many people on a daily or periodic basis!

I had the recent pleasure to meet a local internet media personality and former U.S. Marine who has had back pain for about 10 years. The chronic pain was just wearing him down. He was able to get through the day, but was never sure what he might do that would aggravate his back. His demanding entrepreneurial life didn’t allow for consistent support from chiropractic or therapy. And he was never sure which exercises would help or hurt.

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knee pain

Your Child’s Knee Pain: Is There Something More to Check?

A child’s knee pain can be frustrating to you and to them!

Summer is a time when your child is both very active, and often, growing! When knee pain strikes it can be concerning and frustrating if it lingers. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your child awakens at night with knee pain. You massage, add some heat, and give some pain reliever. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Your child falls and seems to over-react to the pain at their knee.
  • Your child gets up the morning after sports practice or a long day outdoors and merely standing or walking causes extreme pain.

In any of these scenarios, the stress and associated pain can quickly change with BridgingĀ®. Let’s dig in a little more to understand why. Read more

knee pain

Is Knee Pain and/or Arthritis a Concern?

A recent study from Baylor University discusses findings relating activity, osteoarthritis and knee pain. The study highlighted that walking helped prevent and reduce pain.

Although the study followed people over the age of 50, it shows that people who walk frequently had less pain at the outset. In other words, get moving!

In an effort to stay active, many of our clients find their joint pain is reduced as BridgingĀ® resets the muscle relationships between your feet, legs and core.

Our goal is to help you stay active at every age! Read more

melting butter

Butter Melting … It’s the Sensation We Feel When Muscles Change

“What do you feel when the muscles change?”

Inquisitive clients have posed this question over recent weeks. My response?

To those of us doing BridgingĀ®, the change feels like the muscles and movements soften and melt, similar to butter. The movement become easier for us, and for you!

Butter can have many states from hard to melted:

  • frozen solid
  • refrigerator hard
  • room temperature softness
  • a melted fluid

As your muscles begin to work together better they end up in the soft, easy to spread state. The work of each muscle becomes shared with a larger network so each individual muscle can relax, knowing it can work only when needed, and that it now has helpers.

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