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Vision and Hand-eye Coordination Problem-solving

The theme for this week … being active can also involve hands, arms and eyes!

Many activities have a visual-motor component which incorporates use of our hands and arms in conjunction with vision. Sometimes the parts could be working together better than we assume they are. Read on … Read more

fidget toys

Fidget Toys: Helpful or Annoying?

As we shift to spending more time indoors, little things like fidgety fingers become more pronounced and, likely, more annoying.

Sensory fidgets and stress balls can be found everywhere in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

But what do these gadgets really do? And do they even help?

This time I’m not turning to research because I was able to find only one (1!) study on the effectiveness of these gadgets, and it said there was no measurable benefit.

Even so … I’m betting there is more to fidget toys than marketing.

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child making a drawing

Non-Covid Reasons Your Child (and You) May Be Dreading a Return to School

School focus challenging? Or is it really a fine motor challenge?

Beyond all the environmental and logistical challenges related to returning to school, some more fundamental challenges can also add to your child’s frustrations — focus and fine motor skills.

Does your child seem lazy or resistant to doing their work?

There is often more to consider with our children’s behavior than merely motivation. At Kinetic Konnections, we meet family after family struggling with challenging school behaviors. Our assessment process often surfaces subtle, yet significant, glitches in fine motor skills. This is frequently an underlying cause for the lack of focus or avoidance of work. Read more