4th of July

Holiday How To’s

So much to celebrate!

  • This great nation turns 244
  • You’ve survived three+ months into the Covid altered world
  • Summer is here, with full-on heat and humidity!

For some of you the holiday weekend is a time to kick back and relax, for others its a time to get outdoors on a trail. I’m re-sharing the most popular How To videos to support you in finding calm, or getting yourself put back together after a close encounter with the ground.

Happy Fourth of July!

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post-quarantine aches

Is Your Post-Quarantine Body Feeling Stiff, Tired, and a Bit Puffy?

As the weather warmed you emerged from corona quarantine.

Over the past few months, you’ve been coping with work and school transitions for yourself or family. The working from home thing meant stuck in a chair for hours. Your newfound baking skills have resulted to the infamous “quarantine 10/15/20” pounds.

As our clients have returned to Kinetic Konnections we find they have some common concerns. Feeling:

  • stiff from sitting so much
  • tired out, from lack of exercise and/or the extra 10/15/20 extra pounds
  • puffy from lack of activity or too much sugar and salt

How-to videos for a quick tune-up

Knowing you want to get back to your active lifestyle, I put together a few Bridging®-based movements you can use for a little tune-up so you can feel better and move better.

All you need is a little open space and a friend. The first uses an exercise ball, the other two are done on a flat surface such as the floor or a bed.

Each of the movements refreshes a specific aspect of core organization. When these movements work better you can breathe more easily, move more fluently and feel lighter on your feet. Once you’re moving again much of the stiffness, puffiness and bloat should clear up. The real bonus — brain clarity!

Bridging® Bites to get you moving

These videos are meant to be a boost to get you back in action. They do not represent a complete assessment or session of Bridging work.

Safety note: These movements are not appropriate for if you are/have:

  • Pregnant
  • Disc injuries in your back
  • Acute pain
  • Vertigo

You need special coaching, via a virtual session, if these describe you:

  • Child under the age of 3
  • Compromised shoulder or hip
  • If getting into or out of the positions compromises your safety.

Post Quarantine Body: Reorganize Your Core (Bouncing)

The first video shows a fun way to get your core organized and feeling lighter. You’ll need an exercise ball.

Post-Quarantine Body: Find Your Center Again (Rolling)

The second video shows a simple way to organize your center, which is really how your core rotates. This skill is essential for all your moving and calming during the day.

Post Quarantine Body: Fast Help for Tight Hips and Lower Back (Rotating)

The third video shows a quick way to add some differentiation to the hip so your legs move more easily.

Need a re-balance or tune-up and can’t make it to the office just yet?

You can schedule a 30-minute virtual Zoom session by e-mailing Cara.
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.

Learning to ride a bike

Is Your Child Struggling with Learning to Ride a Bike?

A positive outcome of the stay at home time has been a resurgence in bicycle riding.

Are you trying to teach your child to ride so they can enjoy the thrills of bike riding too?

For a child, a bicycle represents freedom.

The ability to get out and about on their own is a significant step in a child’s self-development. It is often a big element for their social development too.

Being able to ride a bike means the freedom to:

  • go out to explore
  • rendezvous with friends
  • exercise
  • be independent.

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Legs Talking Back with All the Walking and Running Happening?

Active time causing new aches and pains?

The weather is warming!

Your newly organized day has active time planned in.

You are out and about more. Great!

Your legs, however, are protesting. In recent weeks I’ve heard from people that their legs are not so happy with all the walking and running happening.
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organization using post it notes

Visually Organizing Our Days — For Ourselves and Our Family

Boundaries and organization to your day facilitate active time too!

Our newsletters have focused recently on ways to use movement to organize and calm given all the turmoil in the external world. This edition provides a tactical focus supporting a more structured, productive day, and calmer household.

It’s magical how much a visual plan makes for a smoother day for everyone. Erika, one of our Bridging Specialists and a mom of younger kids, and I share how we incorporate visual planning into each day. Read more

closet organization before and after

Security, Cleaning, and Organizing – Yes, They Go Together

Organization is calming to the senses, literally.


What’s with all the cleaning and organizing? Did Marie Kondo drop a new show?

The organizing bug finally got me. I’d avoided the big closet organizing project in my home office for over a year. I even explained to a friend via photos to show why it was complicated, thus overwhelming. Sound familiar?

To get started, I needed a plan, so I sat down and wrote out each step required. A week later I followed the plan — the hardest step was starting. Now, the project is mostly done. (See above before/after photo.)

The organized space seems to have freed space in my mind too! Read more

aslow's Hierarchy

Sometimes the Best We Can Do Is Survive

Bridging®-based Primal Movements for Survival

Most days it feels like all we’re doing is merely surviving. Sometimes that’s ok.

Every day I think I’m doing better, then some random news story throws me back into worry.

In the Maslow hierarchy of needs we find ourselves having our security challenged daily. Security is in the bottom zone of our most fundamental needs for existence. (A straightforward discussion of these concepts can be found at the VeryWellMind website)

All day long we are trying to work, and our kids are trying to learn. Yet, those skills are at the top of the pyramid! You can’t function well on tasks in the top of the pyramid without securing the foundation first. Read more

working from home

WFH Aches? Here Are Some Alt-stretches

How are you faring with the new ways of working (and learning) from home (WFH)?

Does your daily routine look like a BINGO card filled with ZOOM, webinar, online workspaces, or classes? Have you left space in the day to get outdoors?

Over the past few weeks the variety in my day consists of which nook I choose to work from — my desk, the ‘starbucks’ nook, the dining table, or the comfy couch.

All of this variety comes at a cost — new aches and pains. The two I’m noticing most are the phone elbow and the hunchback. Read more

at-home Bridging techniques

Three Simple Bridging-based Movements to Calm You and Your Family

How are you faring in these strange times?

I’ve been using many tools to keep my composure — run, walk, journal, healthy cooking, and sleep. I’m also checking in with friends, family, and neighbors.

The one common calming activity that challenges me is meditation. When I stop, my mind doesn’t — it kicks into high gear with ideas galore, and they aren’t all pretty.

Instead, moving helps me stay calm and focused. The most fundamental movement for calming is rocking. (We rock babies, right?)

To help you and your family regroup in an active way, I’m sharing some short and simple videos using movement to promote calming of the nervous system.

Next week I’ll share a series of videos to help with breathing. Read more