Cara works with post-chemotherapy patient

Post-chemo Pains? Katie Had Foot Pain; See How Bridging Helped

Chemo is often your best shot at clearing cancer, yet sometimes the treatment itself leaves another set of issues.

Common long term post-treatment issues include:

  • swelling
  • nerve pain
  • bone loss

To alleviate these, activity is a key part of your overall wellness plan.

Bridging has a unique role by resetting your body making it easier to be more active. Read more

Cara works on tennis player's knee

Knee Still Painful or Uncertain After ACL Repair?

ACL sprains and tears are among the most common types of knee injuries in the U.S., with more than a quarter million people injuring their anterior cruciate ligaments every year.

Most people have some surgery-related pain and discomfort for the first week or so. Not surprisingly, pain from knee surgery decreases with time. By the end of a week or two at the most, you should have very little discomfort.

Are you resigned to your lingering post-procedure pain? With Bridging, further change is possible! Read more

Cara with client, Cindy

Neck or Back Pain? Had Hip Replacement or Abdominal Surgery?

Wow! Did you know this about pain levels after hip replacement recovery?

“… your pain levels should slowly decrease to about 1 or 2 in 12 weeks after the hip replacement,” per Johns Hopkins recovery Q&A information.

I think most people expect to be completely out of pain 3 months later!

Read more

Cara with Michele Katz

Families, Trauma, and How Micromovements Help

There are so many ways trauma can impact us!

Obvious traumas are injuries and accidents.

Less obvious traumas include:

  • medical procedures
  • emotional trauma
  • birth trauma
  • illness

How many traumas have you or a family member experienced?

Recently we shared our model of how Bridging helps to quickly get your body back on track after these traumas.

You can reference that diagram and discussion here. Read more

Cara and Sara

Been Sick and Now Have Tight Shoulders or Neck Pains?

Flu and cold season is upon us! Once you get over the main virus what’s left behind may still be bugging you:

  • coughing
  • dripping nose
  • stiffness
  • rounded shoulders

Often a session or two of Bridging is helpful to restore the ease of your muscles working, and allow your to breath better.

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Moms, Still Bothered by Back Pain, Weak Core, Leaking or Odd Ab Sensations?

Following childbirth moms are told that time and exercise will help their core return to its original function.

Our clients tell a different story. They have been frustrated with slow or plateaued recovery in many ways, especially if they had a C-section. They are so happy to finally begin feeling like their former selves with some Bridging® work! Read more

Cara works on patient with foot pain

Bicycling Feet, Meet Your Power Player, Pedaling Legs

“Foot pain is experienced by 17% to 42% of the adult population. It is disabling in nearly half of these cases and can impair mood, behavior, risk of falls, self-care ability and quality of life.”

Understanding the nature and mechanism of foot pain. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (2009) Read more

Post-surgical Recovery Incomplete? See How Bridging® Helped this Hockey Player

“An estimated 12 million individuals between the ages of 5 and 22 years suffer a sport-related injury annually, which leads to 20 million lost days of school and approximately $33 billion in health care costs.”

Common Sports Injuries: Incidence and Average Charges | ASPE (

Post Surgery: Will I ever be back to normal?

This is a regular topic I write about because it seems to be so common. You had an injury, accident or medical procedure which required surgery.

For your recovery you:

  • Rested
  • Diligently did your therapy exercises
  • Wondered “When will I be back to normal?”

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working on hamstring

Runner’s Hamstring Has Him Sidelined. Why?

Runner hamstrung over hamstring issue

Our YouTube guest this week had a weird running injury which wasn’t getting better with rest and the usual stretching. The pain limited his ability to get through the day, to enjoy summer, and let off his work stress via exercise!

The best comment came after we finished and took off microphones. He exclaimed, “I can put my shoes on without pain!” The hamstring pain had truly impacted every little part of his daily life.

Take a look to see how we solved part of the mystery pain. Read more