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Walking for Calming? Yes!!!

The past 18 months have been stressful in ever-changing ways. How have you managed to keep yourself pulled together mentally and emotionally? I found myself walking or running outdoors. Everyday, and often 2-3 times a day. Anytime I feel a little edgy or unfocused I throw on some shoes and head outside. 15 minutes is […]

Is Your Child Struggling in the New School Year?

School called: Refusals, anxiety, poor attention? It’s that time of year, and I’ve lived it. I dreaded seeing the school on caller ID because it was never good news. The emails and calls come from school to discuss performance and behavior. By now the students should have settled into their routines. Each year, I was […]

Kids Feeling Anxious This Fall?

5 Reasons Your Kids May Be Feeling Anxious The statistics are startling! Nearly 1 child in every 10 in the US suffers from anxiety! Anxiety is the most common mental health problem in children and adolescents. Do you know what is normal vs. excessive anxiety? Some anxiety is normal. Here is a quick discussion about […]

Three Injury Types and How They Impact Self-calming

We typically think of falls, being hit by something, or being in a motor vehicle accident as a cause of pain or mobility concerns. These types of injuries are the leading causes of nonfatal preventable injuries treated in hospital emergency departments: (United States, 2019) Falls – 8,049,8822 Struck By/Against – 3,183,7723 Motor Vehicle-Occupant – 2,108,1474 […]

Yes, Long COVID and Diaphragm Have a Connection 😵

How can long COVID have so many lingering issues? According to the CDC, new or ongoing symptoms of long COVID may include: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath tiredness or fatigue difficulty thinking or concentrating cough chest and/or stomach pain headache heart palpitations joint and/or muscle pain pins and needles diarrhea sleep problems Many of […]

Anxiety, Calming, and the Diaphragm

Gaining a new sense of calm You have a hard time staying calm, and new situations get you ramped up pretty quickly. Sound familiar? These are common feelings for many of our clients, young and not so young. A common way to help find calm is to lie down with your legs flexed and focus […]