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Downtime and Silver Linings

Loosen your bone, Wilma. This was the quote on my calendar yesterday, “Loosen your bone, Wilma.” This reference to Wilma from the cartoon, The Flintstones, was quite fitting as I was heading off for a short get-away to “loosen up.” A little change of scenery helps to refresh the mind, body, and spirit. I like […]

What’s the Odd Light in the Office?

UVC Lamps- What do they do? The coronavirus continues to be a concern and your safety is of utmost importance. This UVC lamp (pictured) is a way we are going the extra mile for you. Are you sensitive to chemical cleaners? This space age looking lamp is another way we keep everything as sterile as […]

Is Your Post-Quarantine Body Feeling Stiff, Tired, and a Bit Puffy?

As the weather warmed you emerged from corona quarantine. Over the past few months, you’ve been coping with work and school transitions for yourself or family. The working from home thing meant stuck in a chair for hours. Your newfound baking skills have resulted to the infamous “quarantine 10/15/20” pounds. As our clients have returned […]