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Does Your Breathing Cause Your Body Stress?

Pain? Tight hips, low back? Rounded posture? Fatigue? Is breathing the root cause? We breathe over 1 million times a day! For something that should be automatic and easy, it’s been amazing how many people we meet whose breathing mechanics don’t work correctly. We meet because you are looking for pain relief at the knee, […]

Breathing, Posture, and Endurance

“Feels good to be able to fully breathe in again!” – Runner training for 2021 Chicago marathon Breathing and the Marathon Training Plan My friend is training for the Chicago Marathon, not her first, but she has been struggling for her breath after 4-5 miles. Since her training plan calls for a 10-12 long mile […]

Sharing Some Summer Fun 🍦

What are you doing for a change of pace this summer? Sometimes our summer activity is about competing (sports camps, summer leagues, backyard bags, etc.), and sometimes it’s simply spending time together with friends and family. Have you ever taken note of the movement and self-control/regulation required for an activity?

Kid’s Behavior Getting on Your Nerves Already?

Kid’s behavior challenging? Perhaps it’s a core activation issue. Summer has just begun, and believe it or not, these are some of the challenging behaviors we are already hearing about from parents. Do any of these describe your child? General lack of interest in physical activity Whiny and overly sensitive to pains and textures Argues, […]

Core Exercise vs. Activation

Have you been told you need to activate your core muscles before exercising or lifting? You are returning to your active lifestyle and workout routines. A common part of a well-rounded workout routine focuses on your core. Great core function is much more than doing a bunch of crunches. However, when choosing any core exercise […]

Have Chronic Pain? Here’s Another Cause

Chronic Pain? Often a long forgotten or key injury is at play Chronic pain is the top reason clients (teens and adults) seek out Bridging® for relief. What does chronic pain look like to you? Pain that keeps you from sleeping Pain that keeps you from daily life activities Pain that keeps you from fun […]