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Butter Melting … It’s the Sensation We Feel When Muscles Change

“What do you feel when the muscles change?” Inquisitive clients have posed this question over recent weeks. My response? To those of us doing Bridging®, the change feels like the muscles and movements soften and melt, similar to butter. The movement become easier for us, and for you! Butter can have many states from hard […]

Hard Time Learning to 🚲 Ride?

There are FOUR aspects of coordination required. I’ve written about biking before, but usually from an injury perspective. This is the time of year that younger children are testing out new bikes, and parents are trying to teach bike riding skills. With success, the joy is unbelievable. When the skills just don’t happen, the frustration […]

Playground Success? Yes, They Did!

It’s the season for being outdoors which often means exploring playgrounds. Playground exploration is an essential part of childhood for learning new physical skills, and learning to take risks. These are vital aspects of development! Sometimes your child needs a little help, then they figure it out. Sometimes a little help doesn’t work and your […]

Recent, or Not So Recent, Surgery? And Recovery Isn’t Quite What You Expected?

A number of clients in the office recently have wanted help with pain or limited range of motion. We found these had a relationship to prior surgeries. These surgeries included: Abdominal structure repair Cancer treatment C-section Dental Hysterectomy Wrist (following fracture) In each case Bridging® was able to help with pain, ease of motion, and […]

Original? Delta? Omicron? Long? 😵

Omicron, Delta, or Original? Almost sounds like drink orders at a bar, right? But which version you contracted wasn’t really a choice. For those of us who got Covid, we pretty much ended up with the catch of the day. I had Omicron. It wasn’t nothing, but it wasn’t terrible. And, thankfully, no lasting effects […]

3 Non-Sports Benefits of Seasonal Tune-ups!

I recently wrote about the benefits of tune-ups between sports seasons. Life also has its seasons such as: Holidays Vacations Performances Cleaning Recovery For each of these you often need different physical coordination and strength, as well as coping abilities. Kind of interesting that each also offers the opportunity of a fresh start! Seasonal tune-ups […]

It’s Been 20 Years!

I sat in my kitchen 20 years ago with a grand idea of helping women move better to stay healthier. So much has changed since then, although fundamentally so much is the same. Join me in some reminiscing! Here are some of the highlights of The Bridging® Institute’s evolution: The mission expanded to helping everyone, […]

3 Benefits of Seasonal Tune-ups for Your Kids

Winter sports have wrapped up their season — hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming and basketball. Did your athlete get injured, minor or major, during the past season? Spring sports will be starting soon — softball, baseball, badminton, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, and track. Has your athlete grown? The seasonal transition can cause stress when layered on top […]