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Keeping Each Other Safe, Calm, and Moving!

Amidst rising Covid positivity rates and the usual flu season, here is a reminder of some of what we do each day to keep us all safe: Information gathering the day before your appointment via our health and travel survey Staggered schedules to minimize chances of encountering anyone else when you are coming or going […]

Lasting Effects from Injuries. Who is Easier to Help — Kids or Adults?

How is helping an injury different between kids and adults? Recently we had a client ask, “Is it easier to help kids, or adults?” My answer, “It depends.” We recently explored this question related to surgical recovery. However, injuries are a more common event at all ages so let’s explore the differences between helping adults […]

Do Kids or Adults Change More Easily?

Recently we had a client ask, “Is it easier to help kids, or adults?” My answer, “It depends.” Why? It depends on what event derailed the movement and regulation continuum, and when in time the derailment happened. Like the trains our children play with, a train on tracks is a useful metaphor to explain this […]

Still Recovering from a Surgery or Medical Procedure?

Recent Surgical Procedure? We have many clients who are finally able to get their Covid delayed procedures done, or have had test results requiring new procedures. Knees, hips, biopsies, moles, shoulders and feet. Oh my! Being such a timely topic, post-surgical support will be the focus for our quarterly professional Bridging® learning event next week. […]

What Does a Virtual Session Look Like?

Virtual session for your kids: What does it look like? From a mom from Southern California- “Charles has made so much improvement- so grateful for your help. He was so much more regulated after the session and he’s jumping for the first time! Those are the major noticeable changes – but I can go on […]

Would My Child Benefit from a Virtual Session?

Why should you consider a Virtual Bridging® Session? There are several reasons why you might want to give a virtual session a try. Distance: You literally can not get to our office because you are geographically distant. Schedules: The ever-changing hybrid schedule with school doesn’t allow you enough time to plan for a visit to […]

What Do You Find Yourself Missing These Days?

Taking a lesson from our kids As parents we are so busy trying to hold it all together. We worry about our parents, our children, our friends, our jobs, the animals, etc. It’s. So. Overwhelming! Part of the pity party referenced in our last post might include acknowledging what we are missing. I thought this […]