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Want Executive Function? Check out Visual-Motor Skills

These days the answer to better cognitive performance seems to involve the concept of “Executive Function”. Many a consultant can assess your child or you for performance in various aspects of executive function skills. They can then provide you with all sorts of support systems to help and generally instill new habits, not necessarily the […]

The Power of Gestures–Communication (Part 1)

The Power of Gestures—Communication (Part 1) Fist bump? Shake hands? Big hugs? Hang-loose wave? Families have greetings. Fraternities have handshakes. Teams have hand signals. These are all versions of gestures– a powerful way to quickly communicate so much meaning in a short interaction. There are big gestures used to direct traffic and airplanes. There are […]

What is Bridging

Step into a new view of your professional world where so much more is possible. Step into a new level of understanding of the links between development, physical regulation, learning, emotional regulation, behavior and pain perceptions. The physics relationships in a person’s body related to movement and regulation of temperature, volume and flows necessary for […]