woman running

Boost Your Bone Health: the Role of Exercise Revealed

The theme for this week …

Exercise is essential for more than just our cardio-respiratory health. Our skeletal structure needs exercise too! Read on … Read more

Cara with client, Claire

Head and Neck Posture: Understanding the Impact on Health and Fitness

The theme for this week …

Forward head posture impacts people of all ages, affects your ability to be active, and has roots beyond screen time. Read on …

Head posture, neck muscles, and balance

When you think of forward head posture, an older person may come to mind. Look around next time you’re in the general public … you’ll be surprised at what you see.

How does a forward head posture affect physical activity? Balance reactions and judging space to stay safe are impacted by your head being off-center. Read more

Cara with client, Judy

Dance … a Great Alternative to Sports for Physical and Mental Well-being

The theme for this week … dancing and feet

Yes, you know being active is important for both physical and mental health, but sports may not be your thing. Many people find dancing, of any variety, to be a better fit. Read on …

Dance and health

Dance can be a great alternative to sports as a way to be physically active and emotionally engaged with others. This is true for all ages!

Read more

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Vision and Activity … Linked in Ways You Wouldn’t Think

The theme for this week … vision impacts our ability to be active

Often your pain, balance, or coordination concerns seem to be a mystery. Sometimes your vision is part of the puzzle. Read on …

Vision and movement

You likely take for granted how your vision affects your confidence and/or ability to be active. That is until a change affects you or a loved one.

Although the concept of poor vision impacting physical activity seems intuitive, the following study delves into how physical activity can be impacted given common conditions.

Interestingly, they note that causal relationships may be bidirectional — low activity may impact visual skills. Read more

crawling baby

Crawling — a Surprising Implication for Every Age!

The theme for this week … crawling’s importance to health at all ages!

How does crawling benefit my child, and even me?

Crawling is generally thought of as a notable milestone for your baby as they grow, transforming from stationary wigglers to little individuals able to explore.

The following study discusses the many facets of crawling, and the health impacts beyond infancy.

Effects of Crawling before Walking: Network Interactions and Longitudinal Associations in 7-Year-Old Children

The article reveals that crawling may be the most effective way to increase early interaction between body composition, cardiovascular system, lung function, motor competence, and physical fitness. Read more