Cara with client, Ann

Problem-solving Ann’s Neck and Shoulder Pain

When neck pain makes it harder to be active …

Staying active is the key to both physical and mental health at ALL ages. But what if daily activities aggravate your neck pain? This is Ann’s dilemma — she is hoping for less pain so she can get through her day more comfortably.

Let’s take a deep dive to see what might be at the bottom of her neck pain. We found she has micromovement disruptors in three of the four categories we use to help with our analysis of your movement.

Ann’s micromovement disruptors:

  • Accidents: rear-end auto accident, torn biceps muscles
  • Medical procedures: tumor removed from clavicle, lumpectomy and radiation, hip replacement, hernia repairs
  • Birth: forceps-assisted birth
  • Illness: none of significance

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traffic accident

“I walked away from the rear-end accident. Now my neck is not right.”

“I walked away from the accident. Didn’t need to go to the ER, so no major injuries.”

This is a common response from clients when we ask about past injuries and physical trauma.

Neck trauma from a rear-end auto accident is a bit sneaky. There’s nothing broken so you think all will be ok after a little time.

Maybe, but often that’s not the case. There are so many little neck muscles which get thrown off their game by the rapid succession of impacts when your body is involved in a rear-end accident.

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stiff or painful neck

Three Uncommon Reasons for your Stiff or Painful Neck which Keeps you from Being Active

Two things concurrently caught my attention this morning–

1 – New statistics about head and neck injuries becoming more common in high school sports.

2 – A tweet about strength declines by age 70 (from Dan Go, @fitfounder) and exercises to counteract this decline. He is 43.

I recognized how we often find neck trauma as the source of chronic pain which keeps our clients from being active.

Crazy how our ability to be active, strong, and healthy depends so much on luck in avoiding physical trauma over the years!

Luckily, Bridging® is a way to reset those earlier movement disruptors. Read more