Cara with client, Lisa

Checking Back In on Knee and Feet Issues

Yes, you have pain and mobility concerns that keep you from being as active as you’d like to be.

You keep searching for help, and would love things to be fixed immediately. In reality, most of the traditional approaches you may have tried ask you to come in 6, 18 or 30 times to get results.

That is not the case with Bridging®. You see and feel changes each session, and your goals usually change from pain-related to activity-related.

Of course, this raises the question of, “How long do these changes really last?”

By posting follow-up videos of many of our guests we show how the changes from Bridging are indeed long-lasting, and how next steps become part of the process.

Have a look! Read more

Cara with client, Jae

Poor Balance: Was It Age or Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery has changed so much over the years. With simpler approaches, the average age of for hip replacement is 65, making it a more common procedure.

The primary goal of the procedure is improved mobility and activity with less pain. However, sometimes there isn’t as much improvement as you’d hoped for.

At the Bridging® Institute, we often find specific glitches in hip control can impact your overall confidence and ease of movement after recovery from the replacement. This leaves you frustrated.

And sometimes the issue relates to a prior injury or surgery, not the hip replacement! Read more

Cara works on balance with Megan

Balance Not Quite Right, But You Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong?

Balance, what is it?

From a hard core physics perspective, balance is “the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over the base of support.”

From a practical perspective, balance is what gives you the confidence to move, both in sports and daily life.

From a human perspective, balance has both neurological and physical components.

We often find that your balance improves when just the physical fundamentals are put back in place.

Bridging® has a unique role by resetting your body’s physical foundation allowing you to be more confident and active! Read more