Cara with Michele Katz

Families, Trauma, and How Micromovements Help

There are so many ways trauma can impact us!

Obvious traumas are injuries and accidents.

Less obvious traumas include:

  • medical procedures
  • emotional trauma
  • birth trauma
  • illness

How many traumas have you or a family member experienced?

Recently we shared our model of how Bridging helps to quickly get your body back on track after these traumas.

You can reference that diagram and discussion here. Read more

Cara and Sara

Been Sick and Now Have Tight Shoulders or Neck Pains?

Flu and cold season is upon us! Once you get over the main virus what’s left behind may still be bugging you:

  • coughing
  • dripping nose
  • stiffness
  • rounded shoulders

Often a session or two of Bridging is helpful to restore the ease of your muscles working, and allow your to breath better.

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Moms, Still Bothered by Back Pain, Weak Core, Leaking or Odd Ab Sensations?

Following childbirth moms are told that time and exercise will help their core return to its original function.

Our clients tell a different story. They have been frustrated with slow or plateaued recovery in many ways, especially if they had a C-section. They are so happy to finally begin feeling like their former selves with some Bridging® work! Read more