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Old Knee Injury? See the Crazy Ways It Can Impact You

Wanting to stay active, but …

Sometimes you are doing your best to get into healthier habits yet your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Often we assign the sensations to being out of shape, needing to try harder, or being more consistent. Sometimes there is something basic, yet overlooked. Here’s an example.
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back to school

Back to School Time: Is Your Child Ready?

School begins soon. Is your child positioned to do their best?

  • Are you and your child excited about the new school year or dreading it?
  • Do you hope each year will be the year things click into place for your child to excel?
  • Did you have a tough time with school, so you give your child a pass thinking they must be ‘just like you’?

This year can be different!

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Long Term Back Pain Gone in Minutes. How?

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain impacts so many people on a daily or periodic basis!

I had the recent pleasure to meet a local internet media personality and former U.S. Marine who has had back pain for about 10 years. The chronic pain was just wearing him down. He was able to get through the day, but was never sure what he might do that would aggravate his back. His demanding entrepreneurial life didn’t allow for consistent support from chiropractic or therapy. And he was never sure which exercises would help or hurt.

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oil lamp

Restoring Inner Peace and Calm

The Fourth of July holiday turned out to be a time of chaos and tragedy in our community.

Our Northbrook office is a short distance from Highland Park, and we serve many families there. Our hearts are heavy with the sadness and loss. The most fundamental human need, that of safety and security, was rocked.

As a parent, you may have struggled with what to tell your children. You are also struggling with many emotions. Remember to find a way to support yourself too. Read more