leg in a cast

Your Leg Was in a Cast. Still Painful, Weak, or Unsteady?

Over 2 million legs are fractured each year in the U.S.

The three most common types of leg fractures are:

  • Patella (knee cap)
  • Tibia/Fibula (lower leg)
  • Ankle

The most common cause of fractures is falling, or being hit, such as in sports injuries.

Foot injuries and fractures can result in a cast also.

You broke your foot or leg. Months later, it still feels unsteady, hurts or is weak. What else might be going on?

There are so many ways you might have ended up with a cast on your leg, usually from broken bones in your foot, ankle, lower leg, or upper leg.

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kids play at the beach

3 Non-Sports Benefits of Seasonal Tune-ups!

I recently wrote about the benefits of tune-ups between sports seasons.

Life also has its seasons such as:

  • Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Performances
  • Cleaning
  • Recovery

For each of these you often need different physical coordination and strength, as well as coping abilities.

Kind of interesting that each also offers the opportunity of a fresh start!

Seasonal tune-ups help you prepare for what comes your way! Read more

20 years

It’s Been 20 Years!

Cara LindellI sat in my kitchen 20 years ago with a grand idea of helping women move better to stay healthier. So much has changed since then, although fundamentally so much is the same. Join me in some reminiscing!

Here are some of the highlights of The Bridging® Institute’s evolution:

  • The mission expanded to helping everyone, beginning at birth.
  • The focus on movement morphed into sensory-motor function which includes balance and self-regulation, a correlate to self-calming.
  • Your movement became understood to be a system of micromovements rooted in the earliest periods of child development. This is why we strongly focus on your past to solve the present challenges.
  • And, the optimal way to quickly reset impaired micromovements has proven to be the gentle rocking and stretches used in Bridging®. Indeed less is more!

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