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Sharing Something to Help You to Calm and Sleep

What a year it’s been!

Thank you for trusting us to help with your pain, anxiety, balance, coordination, or your child’s development and behavior.

Whether in the office, virtually, or through an online course, we are honored to have helped improve your quality of life.

2021 saw big changes!

  • We started the year as Kinetic Konnections and migrated into The Bridging® Institute.
  • New online programs and courses launched, allowing more people to take advantage of Bridging® benefits.

Stay tuned to see what we have been working on for next year!

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Sleep … the Magic Elixir of CALM

Finding more calm has been a frequent theme for us this year. Even so, sometimes we forget the obvious.

Sleep is 25-33% of our day, and it has a huge impact of our ability to stay level-headed. It’s a big deal. In fact the sleep industry is a $30B industry!

Some reminders about the physical and mental importance of sleep:

  • Sleep is essential for muscle healing
  • Sleep is essential for brain health
  • Sleep is recently implicated with dementia

For more on many aspects of sleep, check out this resource.

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Asking For Your Help … to Spread the Word!

You and your family know first-hand how much Bridging® has helped —

  • put your pain in the past,
  • keep a parent vibrant with improved balance and mobility,
  • keep family peace with a calm and regulated child, or
  • catch your little one up with developmental milestones.

We are grateful for the opportunities to keep you and your family thriving and want to ask if you can share the word. The more people who know about Bridging®, the more people who can get help. Read more