holding hands

Connecting Hands Brings Us Together in So Many Ways!

Hands … the bond of a simple grasp

Grasping — what a connection!

As we greet each other in person after so many months, or years, a grasp of the hands is so deeply connecting.

Even more than a hug or kiss, the hands connect us in ways felt but unseen. The skin contact and pressure allow you both to connect in many subtle, yet significant ways. Read more


Hands + Age = Arthritis? No!

Arthritic hands: what else may be the cause?

As the weather gets cooler it seems that our adult joints get stiffer.

We tend to blame our age or the cold, but reduced activity is likely the cause.

There are many studies that show movement is the most effective way to lower pain and improve function, without negative side effects.

Hands are no exception. As fingers swell and stiffen many people look to steroid creams or injections for help. These provide relief, but are not a long term solution.

Here’s another perspective on arthritis, and how Bridging® can help restore your hand function and strength. Read more

fidget toys

Fidget Toys: Helpful or Annoying?

As we shift to spending more time indoors, little things like fidgety fingers become more pronounced and, likely, more annoying.

Sensory fidgets and stress balls can be found everywhere in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

But what do these gadgets really do? And do they even help?

This time I’m not turning to research because I was able to find only one (1!) study on the effectiveness of these gadgets, and it said there was no measurable benefit.

Even so … I’m betting there is more to fidget toys than marketing.

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