closet organization before and after

Security, Cleaning, and Organizing – Yes, They Go Together

Organization is calming to the senses, literally.


What’s with all the cleaning and organizing? Did Marie Kondo drop a new show?

The organizing bug finally got me. I’d avoided the big closet organizing project in my home office for over a year. I even explained to a friend via photos to show why it was complicated, thus overwhelming. Sound familiar?

To get started, I needed a plan, so I sat down and wrote out each step required. A week later I followed the plan — the hardest step was starting. Now, the project is mostly done. (See above before/after photo.)

The organized space seems to have freed space in my mind too! Read more

aslow's Hierarchy

Sometimes the Best We Can Do Is Survive

Bridging®-based Primal Movements for Survival

Most days it feels like all we’re doing is merely surviving. Sometimes that’s ok.

Every day I think I’m doing better, then some random news story throws me back into worry.

In the Maslow hierarchy of needs we find ourselves having our security challenged daily. Security is in the bottom zone of our most fundamental needs for existence. (A straightforward discussion of these concepts can be found at the VeryWellMind website)

All day long we are trying to work, and our kids are trying to learn. Yet, those skills are at the top of the pyramid! You can’t function well on tasks in the top of the pyramid without securing the foundation first. Read more

working from home

WFH Aches? Here Are Some Alt-stretches

How are you faring with the new ways of working (and learning) from home (WFH)?

Does your daily routine look like a BINGO card filled with ZOOM, webinar, online workspaces, or classes? Have you left space in the day to get outdoors?

Over the past few weeks the variety in my day consists of which nook I choose to work from — my desk, the ‘starbucks’ nook, the dining table, or the comfy couch.

All of this variety comes at a cost — new aches and pains. The two I’m noticing most are the phone elbow and the hunchback. Read more