at-home Bridging techniques

Three Simple Bridging-based Movements to Calm You and Your Family

How are you faring in these strange times?

I’ve been using many tools to keep my composure — run, walk, journal, healthy cooking, and sleep. I’m also checking in with friends, family, and neighbors.

The one common calming activity that challenges me is meditation. When I stop, my mind doesn’t — it kicks into high gear with ideas galore, and they aren’t all pretty.

Instead, moving helps me stay calm and focused. The most fundamental movement for calming is rocking. (We rock babies, right?)

To help you and your family regroup in an active way, I’m sharing some short and simple videos using movement to promote calming of the nervous system.

Next week I’ll share a series of videos to help with breathing. Read more


It’s Been a Peanutty Year — Celebrating 18! 🎂

Eighteen years on this journey

Reflections …

I could never have imagined where this journey helping people overcome their movement and developmental challenges would take me. Such a long way from my earlier career in engineering and power systems! Surprisingly, there are so many similarities. The power system principles and physics are my go-to when I need to think through some unusual movement relationships.

At Kinetic Konnections we are always learning and understanding more about the physics of the body. These learnings are reflected in the evolution of the Bridging Technique. Over the years there have been distinctive phases of insight, and this past year was yet another. Read more