What is Bridging

Step into a new view of your professional world where so much more is possible.
Step into a new level of understanding of the links between development, physical regulation, learning, emotional regulation, behavior and pain perceptions.
The physics relationships in a person’s body related to movement and regulation of temperature, volume and flows necessary for survival are at the heart of the Kinetic Bridging technique. We use movement to restore these elementary relationships that normally develop early on in life to get people back on track physically and developmentally.
By learning the Physics principles we are all based upon, you will transform your thinking about how to help people facing physical, mental, and even emotional challenges to move forward and thrive. Improving the most basic movement relationships in the body supports unimaginable changes in all aspects of how we function.
Whether you want to learn a new tool to help your patients or better understand a technique that could relieve frustration for yourself or a loved one, we have a level of learning for you.